You Get What you Pay For: 5 Ways to Select the Right Marketing Partner

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Jan 28, 2021 3:45:00 PM


You Get What you Pay For: 5 Ways to Select the Right Marketing Partner

When you're ready to start working with a marketing partner, it's essential to choose the one you trust with your business's brand and message. You want a partner that will work to help you achieve your goals - one that understands who you are, what sets your business apart, and what you hope to accomplish through your marketing efforts. You also want a marketing partner with the right tools to spread your message and reach your target audience. 

Here are five things to look for when selecting the right marketing partner for your business.

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1. Make sure they have a wide range of marketing tools at their disposal.

Some businesses specialize in only one form of marketing or advertising. However, you need to use different tactics to optimize your results, and your marketing partner should have the tools to do so. 

Digital marketing has become increasingly important over the past several years. Influential companies now have a strong digital presence, and 94% of marketers already use social media for content distribution purposes. 

To effectively connect with your target audience, you want to make sure that your media partner offers assistance with the channels you use to reach them. That may include support on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Likewise, you want to be sure that your media partner offers assistance with traditional marketing methods, including print and television.

2. Ask what their strategies are for communication.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of any business relationship. Talk to vendors you're considering about their communication habits, including: 

  • What method of communication they prefer (phone, email, Zoom, etc.)
  • How often they meet, including frequency of meetings and reviews of your content
  • What information they provide (a spreadsheet with metrics, for example)
You Get What you Pay For: 5 Ways to Select the Right Marketing Partner

How does your media partner plan to communicate with you throughout your partnership? Does this match your expectations? A good communications fit can positively affect your connection with your marketing partner and boost your creative output, so it’s important to make sure your partner is a good fit before your collaboration begins.

3. Discuss their experience working with businesses in your industry.

The fact that a vendor has experience in marketing does not necessarily mean that they are the right fit for you. You want to discuss projects relevant to your industry that your media partner has delivered in the past. They need to understand your:

  • Buying process, including the sales funnel and what contacts consumers are likely to have with your business
  • Target audience
  • Audience's listening habits

You want to make sure that you're spending your ad dollars wisely. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to determine their industry knowledge and experience with businesses like yours.  

4. Review their success stories. 

You Get What you Pay For: 5 Ways to Select the Right Marketing PartnerYou want to work with an experienced company that has seen success with past marketing strategies. Ideally, you want to know what a particular marketing partner has offered to previous clients. Why do people like to work with them? What have their previous partners accomplished? You may want to ask for testimonials or case studies to help you fully determine whether a marketing company is a good fit for you. Do you hear them referencing other companies they have helped? Do you recognize local names that have successfully worked with the marketing partner in the past? This could indicate a solid reputation that you can trust. 

5. The perfect marketing partner will be your champion.

Often, making your business stand out from the crowd feels like a fight. The perfect marketing partner will be your champion in that fight. You deserve someone who is engaged both with you and the marketing process. They should know and understand where you've been, have a clear picture of where you are, and help consider where you're going - and how that will influence your marketing strategy. Your marketing partner should be your cheerleader and mentor, someone who knows your brand inside and out. 

Having a marketing partner that understands your vision and supports your success offers immense benefit to your brand. The right marketing partner can make a huge difference in the return on your marketing investment and the ultimate success of your efforts.

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