5 Reasons Why Multi-Platform Marketing Works

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5 Reasons Why Multi-Platform Marketing Works

Many businesses may want to take advantage of the most lucrative marketing platform and stick with it, but the fact is that a multi-platform approach can yield better results. Multi-platform marketing, or integrated marketing, is a kind of strategy that uses multiple tactics to reach target audiences. Those platforms can include digital marketing channels such as digital ads and social media and offline efforts such as TV and print. A successful integrated marketing strategy uses various touchpoints to connect with people at every stage of the customer journey.

While 95% of marketers have stated that they understand the importance of integrated marketing, only 73% have actually implemented a strategy. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you'll do well to take advantage of multi-platform marketing. 

You might be asking, "Does integrated marketing work?" To answer this question, we'll review some of the benefits of launching a multi-platform campaign.

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Why Multi-Platform Marketing Works

1. Sends a consistent message across channels

With multi-platform marketing, you can keep your branding and messaging consistent across all channels and touchpoints. Eighty-six percent of marketers in a senior-level position agree that there needs to be a consistent and cohesive experience throughout the customer journey. By integrating several platforms, you can ensure that more people move efficiently down the sales funnel toward a sale.

For example, you could develop a campaign that includes a series of digital image and video ads, which lead people to your website where they can submit their email address to subscribe to a newsletter. This would turn those audiences into email leads. At the same time, you can run TV commercials that encourage people to visit your website with a specific call to action. Once those viewers reach your website, they may leave without making a purchase, at which point retargeting ads might appear on other websites to bring them back. All touchpoints and channels can leverage consistent branding to create a cohesive experience that helps your brand stand out.

2. Streamlines marketing strategy and workflow

5 Reasons Why Multi-Platform Marketing WorksWith integrated marketing, you can also benefit from streamlined marketing strategies and workflow. This is particularly viable with the help of a media partner as opposed to multiple vendors. An experienced media partner can help you develop a complete strategy that connects all media, with the ability to manage and track your campaigns to gauge performance at every touchpoint. You won't have to worry about losing track of any aspect of your campaigns with a centralized solution that holds everything together.

3. Connects you with multiple target audiences

If you want to make sure you reach every audience interested in your offerings, you can achieve this goal with an integrated marketing strategy. While limiting yourself to one or two primary channels can put you in touch with large audiences who use those, you may be neglecting the many audiences who spend more time elsewhere.

You might rely on digital marketing, for instance, which can be useful when connecting with millions of regular internet and social media users. However, there are millions of people who watch TV and read magazines or watch online video streaming services where you can display over-the-top (OTT) ads. With a far-reaching multi-platform campaign that puts you on all of these channels, you'll be able to connect with much larger and more diverse target audiences.

4. Creates meaningful insights

5 Reasons Why Multi-Platform Marketing WorksA strong multi-platform marketing strategy can also give you plenty of valuable insights with in-depth analytics. Using analytics platforms to collect and organize data, you can see clearly how your campaigns are performing. With proper management of your campaigns, you may be able to identify weak touchpoints where leads are falling off or other issues preventing you from reaching your goals. You can then use the data you gather to optimize your campaigns effectively. 

5. Maximizes the impact of your marketing efforts

Integrated campaigns enable marketers to optimize and make adjustments in real-time. If there's an issue with your campaigns on a particular platform, you can instantly modify them and see how they perform following those changes. Using the insights you've gathered, you can develop highly efficient campaigns that drive sales and ROI. Multi-platform marketing can maximize customer retention, too. Businesses with integrated marketing strategies in place retain 89% of customers.

Work with a Media Partner to Develop a Multi-Platform Marketing Strategy

With so many benefits that come with integrated marketing, it pays to implement these strategies if you want to maximize reach and, ultimately, sales. To get the best results from your efforts, consider working with a media partner that can help you strategize and connect with your audiences. With a dependable partner, you can develop a winning integrated  marketing strategy that drives your business's success.

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