Driving Traffic to Social Media: 7 Tips for Success

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Driving Traffic to Social Media: 7 Tips for Success

Whether you own a big or small business, social media can be a beneficial marketing tool. A good social media presence attracts customers to your pages and increases brand visibility with high-quality content. Fortunately, increasing social media traffic to your webpage is easy if you follow these tips. 

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Learn Who Your Customers Are (And Engage Them) 

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Your content has to be enjoyable to drive new and existing customers to your website. Before you can make relevant content, you must learn about your target audience. Taking measures to learn what your customers like through surveys or target persona research tells you a lot of information. However, that can be time consuming and costly. Even taking a glance at content on your followers' pages will tell you a lot about their current interests. 

Once you've got a content strategy in mind, the next step is to actually engage your followers. Respond to their messages or chime in when you can have relevant input. When they show interest in a product or service, reach out and let them know you're listening. That recognition and appreciation makes customers feel heard and increases loyalty. 

Help People Share Your Content 

If you want your content to be seen on a larger scale, it has to be both shareable and mobile-friendly. Statistics show that over 54% of website traffic this year comes from mobile devices. You can make sharing your content easier by putting a plug-in on your page with multiple social media platforms.  

Because these are user-generated recommendations, these shares will make a better first impression on potential customers and increase your brand's visibility. In addition to easily shareable content, your website should also be optimized for mobile viewing. A website with a poorly designed mobile layout is both difficult to navigate and looks unprofessional. Since so many people browse using these devices, you want to make sure your content is accessible through them. It doesn’t take much to make people leave your site if it isn’t loading or operating properly.  

Optimize Your SEO Presence  

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 9.05.46 AMA large percentage of your traffic will come from organic searches, which is why SEO is crucial to your brand's success. You can also use social media to share links on your website and generate more traffic. If you're trying to advertise a furniture store, make a post asking your followers to check out new couches today and link a relevant page on your website.  

Once your customers are on your page, give them reasons to stay there. If it's a blog post, the post should have more internal links for further reading. Internal links keep your customers on your site, but it also helps your SEO presence by directing your search links through your site. That helps search engines like Google or Bing navigate your site more easily, making it seem more credible, which increases your rankings on these sites. 

Post When People Will See Them 

Even if your content is being shared, it might only be seen by a few members of your target audience. To increase your chances of success, you have to find out when your audience is most active online. That time will depend on your target's preferred social media platform, as well as things like work and school schedules. If your audience works during standard business hours, they’ll likely be more active in the evenings or during lunch hours. Whereas, students or those with atypical hours might be more active later in the night.  

Generally, content on Facebook usually doesn't perform as well compared to other platforms, but Sunday posts get slightly more traction. When posting on LinkedIn, it’s recommended to post before 5 p.m. during midweek. Posts on Twitter perform consistently well, regardless of the time of day. 

Use Stunning Visuals  

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 9.05.58 AMVisuals, like photos, graphics, or videos, are highly effective and capturing audience attention. That helps to increase engagement and ensure people will see posts while they scroll. It can also help your products stand out and show people the value in them. Images and video are enticing and, seeing products in action could convince them to buy from you. Video ads tend to perform even better on social media because they play automatically.  

People are more likely to stop scrolling and examine a video in motion instead of a static image. However, the quality of the video itself also needs to be interesting. Videos that were obviously produced in a studio with high-quality equipment also add some extra legitimacy to your brand.  

Analyze Your Competitors 

Analyzing your competitor’s marketing tells you a lot of information about your customers and present a learning opportunity for your own advertising. It’s likely that there’s some overlap in your customer bases, and you might be able to learn more about your customers based on what’s working for your competition. That allows you to adjust your content to provide more of what they want. It can also tell you what part of your content is working, letting you strengthen your marketing. Make sure to maintain your unique identity, since you don’t want to copy what your competitors do entirely. This analysis should help you develop your unique customer identity and differentiate your company to better effect. 

The time of day your competitor posts can also give you some insight on when to post your own content. If you can offer services that your competitor can't, such as hard-to-find products or longer operating hours, use that to your advantage. 

Use Automation Software 

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 9.06.08 AMMarketers and business owners aren't expected to be on social media all the time. Automation software allows you to schedule your posts well in advance, so that you can work on materials ahead of time. That frees up your time to focus on other elements of your business, and it lets you make bulk posts to release all at once. These programs can also track your post's performance, giving you extra insight into your campaign's success. 

Measuring ROI is one of the biggest challenges marketers face on social media, and the additional data automation software provides helps you determine it further. The lifetime loyalty of a customer, brand trust, and overall customer satisfaction can't always be measured in concrete figures. That's why it's important to get as much data about your posts' engagement rates as possible.

The Best Social Media to Drive Traffic 

The best social media content needs to be relevant, use appealing visuals, and get posted at just the right time. If you're having trouble with any of these aspects, it might be time to seek out a media partner. With their help, you can make quality marketing content on social media that attracts users to your pages through social media. 

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