How Other Channels Help You Drive Web Traffic

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Your company's website is a crucial component of business marketing today. While your website might serve as your company's primary online hub, it can work even better when aligned with other areas of marketing. You'll ultimately be able to increase your business's chances of long-term success with multi-platform marketing campaigns that expand your reach and traction.  

If you're wondering how to increase web traffic, the following are some of the ways other channels can boost your website's performance. 

Learn How to Integrate Your TV and Digital Ads

The Benefit of a Multi-Platform Campaign 

How Other Channels Help You Drive Web TrafficA multi-platform marketing campaign uses a variety of channels to connect with audiences at different levels. These campaigns can provide several touchpoints to help nurture leads into customers as they travel through the buyer's journey. You'll also be able to build and maintain brand awareness as ads across several platforms keep your brand top-of-mind.  

Each area of your multi-platform campaign can feed into your digital presence as it continues to grow. In turn, this could lead more people to your website and build more trust around your brand in general. 

Digital Marketing Facilitates Website Visits  

Every business should have a website that functions as the primary online contact point for prospects and customers. The main function of digital marketing, including display ads and your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, is to help people find your website more easily.  

Traditional digital marketing tactics still play a massive role in attracting website visits and conversions. SEO, content marketing, and paid ads are critical in building trust among consumers and bringing them along the buyer's journey. For instance, people performing product research online may encounter your ads on other websites or social media platforms as they browse, which will lend credibility to your brand.   

If people see your brand online with enough frequency and in a positive light, they will be more encouraged to engage with you.   

Remember that a mix of traditional and non-traditional marketing can further contribute to your online presence. Non-traditional marketing, in this case, doesn't refer to black-hat tactics that might harm your reputation. Instead, it includes a variety of additional channels that can supplement traditional digital marketing efforts. Some examples of these non-traditional channels include influencer marketing, blog content, webinars, and podcasts. When combined with more conventional ads and other platforms, you'll be able to extend your reach further.  

Connecting Your Marketing to Your Website 

There are many ways to connect online and offline to your website and drive more traffic. Depending on your target audience and your business goals, you can use various platforms to get the most from your website. Some of these channels include:  

TV and OTT Ads  

How Other Channels Help You Drive Web TrafficIn addition to traditional online advertising, you can use TV ads and over-the-top (OTT) ads to bring more people to your website. While TV commercials remain one of the best ways to reach people online, OTT ads can connect with people who watch or listen to streaming services. When people watch TV or engage with a streaming service, your ads can inspire people to use their mobile devices to research your brand. These ads also give your brand even more credibility when they appear on your audience's favorite TV and streaming channels. 

Social Media Marketing 

Businesses of all types can also market on social media platforms where audiences spend their time. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other platforms offer brands the chance to connect with audiences. Effective social media marketing can increase engagement and click-throughs from shared blog pages. You can also link to your website from your profile pages. 

Email Marketing  

Another great way to nurture leads and engage with existing customers is to launch effective email marketing campaigns. Emails can foster ongoing relationships with audiences as they travel down the sales funnel. You can also use email marketing to alert customers to new products and deals. In doing so, you'll be able to include links to web pages that drive more traffic to your site regularly. 

Using a combination of these and other channels can all contribute to a successful website while keeping your brand in the spotlight. 

Drive Long-Term Results with a Media Partner 

How Other Channels Help You Drive Web TrafficDeveloping and implementing a multi-platform marketing campaign can help you achieve the results you want with your website. However, to ensure your campaigns are a success, you need to make sure they get the attention they require. When managing so many platforms and engaging with audiences, you risk overlooking certain aspects without sufficient marketing resources. If you need some help with increasing website traffic and launching a multi-platform campaign, a dependable media partner can help. 

An experienced and knowledgeable partner can provide you with the necessary expertise to fuel your campaigns' success. As a result, you'll be able to maximize your reach and establish a lasting online presence. 

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