How to Determine the Best Type of Creative for Your Advertising Goals

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How to Determine the Best Type of Creative for Your Advertising Goals

It’s an underlying understanding that brands’ ads need some direction. Yet, people fail to realize that there is actually nothing more efficient than creating advertising goals. Advertising goals not only provide for longer-lasting and more memorable campaigns, but it can help you meet your objectives faster while spending less in the process. 

However, where the problem lies is that many businesses do not know how to determine the ad creative that meets their goals. They often make decisions based on their own viewing habits and end up getting minimal results. That is why, before you take on a new campaign, it’s important to determine the best type of creative for your advertising goals.

Clearly Outline Your Goals of the Campaign

Every type of goal can be advertised in a few different ways. However, there are best practices for each that could produce better results based on the medium that you use. Once you realize, what you want to accomplish, you can then begin deciding on the specific details of the ad. For instance, do you want to tell a story or are you promoting something new?

Learn More About Measuring Your ROI

It is key to understand that marketing objectives are a crucial part of your overall marketing strategy. Marketers who take the time to clearly outline their goals have a 429% greater chance of reporting a successful campaign. However, when they do not define these goals clearly, the brand will struggle to achieve any of these objectives.

Analyze Your Budget

Next, you need to start analyzing your finances. Specifically, what does your budget allow for? These metrics can help you figure out if you have enough funds allocated for an ad that requires more production. The best way to go about this strategy is to compare the costs to run an ad on different platforms and mediums. Taking into account how many times or how often that you will need to run your ad. Once you figure this out, you will be able to see realistically, if this campaign is an option within your company’s budget. A media partner can be a great asset when it comes to determining where to allocate your budget and what marketing goals can be achieved. 

Some questions you need to ask when analyzing your budget include what mediums does your target audience use most often? And what is the relationship between the impact of your campaign and the advertising expenditures? Put simply, how much profit is likely to be earned for each dollar you spend? To see how this would work for your company's advertising budget, let us say you are planning on dedicating 5% of your revenue and want to bring in $100,000 in sales. You would then need to spend $5,000 in advertising for the best chance at those results. 

Think of What Your Target Audience Wants

Another important consideration to account for is what type of media will be the most beneficial for reaching your target consumer. Businesses can tend to lean towards traditional methods like television ads and print. However, there are many other avenues to reach potential customers. 

For these reasons, before choosing your platform, you need to discover where your audience can be found. Some considerations you need to account for include whether your consumers are spending most of their time watching television or browsing online? Do they enjoy OTT services and being active on social media? The answers to these questions will help you figure out which platforms reach your customers. When you advertise on mediums that your target audience doesn’t frequent, it can cost you ad dollars and effort.

Take social media for instance. Four in ten users follow their favorite brands on these platforms. That means that there is almost a 40% chance of boosting customer loyalty by advertising where your ideal consumers are. And even if these followers are not your customers yet, your ad can be the determining factor to help them convert. 

Make the Most Out of Your Advertising Goals

What it all boils down to is drawing up specific campaign goals. When you know your target audience’s behaviors, then you can allocate ad dollars accordingly. This is a key factor when choosing the right creative for an ad campaign and reaching the desired goals. However, one of the biggest struggles that companies find themselves having with this concept is how they can figure all this out. Many businesses are not experts in social media or know exactly where to find their target audiences. Luckily, in today's market, you do not have to be. 

When you work with a media partner, they can walk you through the whole process from start to finish and figure out the best type of creative for your upcoming campaign. A good media partner is usually well versed in many of the different advertising platforms and will leverage their experience to help determine the right mix of the right platforms to help achieve your goals while maximizing your budget.

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