How Your Ads Can Tap into the Holiday Fervor

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Nov 9, 2021 11:40:00 AM


How Your Ads Can Tap into the Holiday Fervor

The holidays are a time to give thanks for all we have, gather with friends and family, and start the new year on the right foot. For businesses, the holidays present a fantastic opportunity to ramp up sales and increase revenue substantially. It's not always easy for companies to stay afloat during the holidays, as competition for consumers' attention can be fierce. Fortunately, your organization can do a few simple things to stand out from the crowd and make the most of holiday fervor. 

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Personalize Your Marketing  

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 12.29.32 PMAs early as October, mailboxes become flooded with printed ads, and inboxes get jammed with email campaigns from large corporations that want to get their customer base for the holidays. Huge companies have the funding dollars and resources to cast wide nets and send these marketing messages to anyone and everyone, hoping that a few will use their offers.  

It can feel nearly impossible to compete with these giants as a small business, but small organizations can use their size to their advantage. Small businesses can make their messaging more personal and genuine to their customer base than large corporations since the business owners are less removed from them. Leaning into that personal marketing campaign enhances that perception even further. A simple way to personalize your holiday marketing campaign is to reach out to previous customers with a special offer or incentive that encourages them to return to your store or shop online with you again. Email campaigns tend to be the most cost-effective approach for this strategy, though you may also find that print ads can generate sizable returns.  

It's also helpful to make customers feel connected with your brand, as connecting is at the heart of the holiday spirit. Social media provides an excellent opportunity to engage with your brand's fans and potential customers. You can make them feel more connected by responding to direct messages (DMs), replying to users' posts about your brand, and generating holiday-themed content to post regularly.   

Update Your Look with the Holidays  

Businesses can also get into the festive spirit by updating their design and appearance with holiday themes in their physical stores and online. Many stores decorate their storefronts and interiors with festive lights, though the decoration options here are limitless. Creating a genuinely remarkable holiday shopping experience with decorations may prompt customers to bring their friends to see what you made next time.  

You can also up your holiday marketing game by making your website allude to the holidays, either through holiday-themed messages or imagery. This task doesn't take up too much time or resources, but it can make a difference in how your customers view your organization throughout the holiday season. This messaging and theme should also translate to your email marketing campaigns and social media posts.  

Perhaps one of the best strategies businesses can employ during this time is by releasing special holiday products or services only available during the holiday season. It creates a feeling of urgency among customers, as they know they only have a limited time to get the special products or services they want. Your holiday products and services don't have to be all that complicated, either. Many stores add gift-wrapping services or goods in limited-time holiday packaging, which may be exciting enough for customers to make those purchases.  

Partner With Local Organizations   

Mass Email Marketing for Law OfficesMany businesses partner with local charities or other small businesses during the holidays, which helps to increase brand awareness and revenue for everyone involved. You could, for example, create an exclusive holiday product where your organization donates a small percentage of each sale to the local food bank or environmental restoration group.  

You could also host a table at a local holiday festival or Christmas market to talk to potential customers and other business owners about what you offer. It's often helpful to bring handouts and incentives, like coupons, that encourage visitors to check out your store. Both methods can help you capture an audience that may otherwise be unreachable, which works wonders to spread the word about your business and potentially increase your holiday revenue.  

Working with a media partner helps open these doors for you. They have the connections and expertise to help you forge these relationships with local organizations. They also can help you sponsor holiday programming and events hosted in your area. 

Excel at Holiday Marketing with a Media Partner  

There are nearly unlimited holiday marketing strategies for businesses, and many business owners feel overwhelmed by the possibilities to jump in and get started. Fortunately, an experienced media partner can help you create a personal and cost-effective marketing strategy that can raise brand awareness, bring in more customers, and generate more revenue throughout the holidays and beyond. 

A media partner can also help you successfully execute your marketing strategy, which can take an immense amount of pressure off your shoulders during an already busy and overwhelming time for businesses large and small.  

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