Tips for Using Low-Cost Video to Connect With Your Audience

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Oct 26, 2021 1:22:44 PM


Tips for Using Low-Cost Video to Connect With Your Audience

Video has become more and more pervasive in the world of marketing — and it's only going to get bigger with each passing year. In 2018, 54% of consumers wanted to see more video content from the brands they support. People love watching videos, whether they're from social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or official company websites. Of the current companies using video, 87% saw a return on their investment and 84% of consumers have purchased items because of video. 

Yes, there are plenty of benefits that video marketing can offer for small businesses. The question is, how can you create high-quality video content for your audience, especially if you're on a budget? Here are four tips that can help you keep costs low while still leveraging video to connect with your audience. 

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Determine Your Video Content Goals 

Your videos will only yield the performance you expect and desire if you align them with your overall business goals and marketing objectives. It's critical to set SMART goals when developing your video marketing strategy — i.e., goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. After you set those goals, you'll need to measure your progress toward them through a carefully chosen set of key performance indicators (KPIs).  

Why is it so essential to establish your goals and KPIs? For one thing, marketers who take the time to define their goals have a 429% greater chance of reporting a successful campaign, according to one study. Moreover, adhering to a specific set of metrics to pursue reachable goals will help you keep costs down while allocating your resources where they'll do the most good.  

Plan Content for Your Audience's Platforms 

Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 1.21.57 PMYour videos won't accomplish your goals for them if consumers never see them. It's essential to focus on creating and distributing video content for the platforms your audience is using. If most of your audience uses Facebook, then you should develop content with Facebook in mind. If they spend a lot of time on LinkedIn, you should build content for that platform. 

It's also important to plan out a "content calendar" several weeks or months in advance. It will help you to hold your audience's attention without annoying them through messaging that's too frequent or too sporadic. While your content calendar should allow for a degree of flexibility, the structure it provides will prove to be invaluable for your brand.   

At the same time, you must develop content with your specific audience in mind. For example, a casual B2C audience will likely respond well to a conversational tone in your messaging, whereas professional B2B buyers typically respond well to a more formal, knowledgeable voice. 

Ensure Your Videos are Compelling 

Remember that "low cost" does not mean "low quality." There are ways to make your videos compelling, informative, and even entertaining without breaking the bank in the process.  

Always plan or script your videos in advance to prevent "shooting from the hip" when the camera's rolling. Use free editing software to clean up your content before releasing it. Also, think about content types that would appeal to your audience and demonstrate your brand's value to them personally. These may include behind-the-scenes videos, testimonials, or product demonstrations. 

Develop Your Authentic Voice  

Mass Email Marketing for Law OfficesSince video content is so engaging for the average consumer, it creates a golden opportunity for you to demonstrate your "brand personality" in a tasteful yet colorful way. You can leverage videos to tell your brand's "story" — what inspired you to start your business, how it developed over time, and why you're so passionate about it. 

Telling your story is a great way to establish your unique brand voice and set yourself apart from the competition. After all, most people want to do business with other people, not with faceless corporations. A voice that is authentically your own will make your brand more memorable, strengthen your market position, and help forge deeper connections with your customers. Best of all, you don't need to spend an excessive amount of money to find your brand voice.  

Continue Using Video to Grow Your Business  

Using video to expand your market reach and engagement rate helps you grow your business. Set specific, measurable goals and KPIs for your video marketing efforts, then work within that framework to develop content for the popular platforms among your audience. Create content according to what would be most compelling for your consumer base and adjust accordingly to establish your unique brand voice.  

Video’s importance amongst consumers is increasing rapidly, making it a lucrative opportunity for companies investing in it. It helps to concisely convey information and inform customers about your brand and how to use your products, and it ultimately convinces them to buy from you. 

Whether you decide to go it alone or work with an experienced media partner, remember that even low-cost videos can cause a significant impact among your consumers. Be sure to leverage this advertising medium moving forward and enjoy the growth that your business experiences. 

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