Top Tips for Successfully Reaching Your Target Audience

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Nov 5, 2020 10:51:00 AM


Top Tips for Successfully Reaching Your Target Audience

Successfully reaching your target audience is essential to growing your business and seeing high advertising ROI. Right now, more people are watching TV than ever. Daytime broadcast network viewership spiked more than 28% in the early days of the COVID-19 crisis. Streaming and television use remain at higher levels than pre-COVID. Many people are also spending more hours logged in to social media and scrolling online. Audiences have shifted how they consume content, which means you need to shift your marketing focus to meet them where they are. 

Are you reaching your target audience? Use these top tips to make sure your marketing efforts are working together to keep your audience updated, informed, and entertained. 

The Importance of Combining TV and Digital

Combining your TV and digital marketing offers you a much more effective way to reach your target audience. TV advertising casts a wide net and it’s a great way to amplify your reach. 

As you integrate your TV and digital marketing, you'll enjoy the ability to create different types of content. On your digital platforms, you can create static ads and text content. On TV, you can create ads that are designed to entertain your customers, keep them informed, and provide them with insight into your products.

Ideally, your marketing should lead consumers from one platform to another. They may watch your ad on TV, then choose to check out your website or visit your social media pages. Your digital efforts also add more touchpoints to your TV ads, reinforcing the message and helping move customers toward making a purchase. 

Your TV ads also help increase trust and credibility. A consumer who sees your ad on TV will be more likely to trust your product when they see your digital ads.  

Tips for Streamlining Your Marketing

Streamlining your marketing is critical for reaching your ideal target audience and providing the touchpoints they need to move from that initial contact to satisfied customers. 

Social Engagement

Use your social media platforms to repurpose TV content or test content before it goes to TV. Social media provides immediate reactions from consumers, allowing you to quickly test your ads and see how they will likely function. You can also pair your brand alongside a media partner for increased engagement. Build on the trust a local media partner has already established in the community to increase trust in your brand. 

Social can also further emphasize the important messaging you're trying to get across on TV. Your TV ads can direct your viewers to social media for more information, helping them get a better idea of what your business can provide or offering more details about your ads.

Email Marketing

Follow-up with your target audience through targeted email marketing. Use email to send out updates to your other ads and keep customers in the know with what's going on with your business. This is a great way to let customers know more about what safety precautions you're taking or what items you have available. 

When you work with a media company, you also have access to their email system and their expertise on how to reach your target audience. That includes information on best practices as well as retargeting via desktop, mobile laptop, and Facebook. 

OTT Services

OTT offers the opportunity to reach consumers who may have cut the cord with traditional cable or to provide additional touchpoints. You can repurpose TV ads for OTT services or create unique ads designed just for OTT. Add in CTAs so that your target audience is able to take action directly from the ad. One of the key advantages of OTT ads is that many consumers stream OTT content via connected devices, which means they can take immediate action. OTT is also highly targetable: you can target based on zip code, demographic, age, income, and more. 

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing offers both standalone opportunities and the chance to retarget and combine with your other marketing efforts. Retarget your audience with responsive digital ads for mobile, desktop, and tablets, which help you target consumers who have viewed your content in other areas in the past. An effective digital ad serves as a follow-up to your TV ads, reminding your audience of your brand and encouraging them to take action. 

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Reaching your target audience effectively is an ongoing process that must adapt along with the changing needs of your customers. By utilizing television, OTT, digital marketing, email, and social media, you can more successfully develop a solid campaign that touches on the aspects consumers most need to see in order to guide them to make a decision about your business. Working with a media partner is paramount to discovering ways to integrate TV and digital marketing as effectively as possible. 

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