What Is School Supply Jam?

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What is School Supply Jam?

Cause marketing is a fantastic way to reach out to the local community and showcase precisely how deeply your business cares for the people who are part of your target audience. At Marketing Carolina, we offer a wide range of cause marketing opportunities that help make it easier for you to connect with the local community. One of the big initiatives we’re holding is School Supply Jam—and you can partner with it to help advance your marketing efforts and offer something back to the community. 

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What is School Supply Jam? 

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 10.13.30 AMSchool Supply Jam is one of FOX Carolina’s most significant initiatives this year. This program aims to provide school supplies for students throughout Upstate and Western North Carolina. The program helps provide backpacks full of school supplies for low-income students whose parents might not be able to provide them with the supplies they need to be as successful as possible in school.   

School Supply Jam begins on July 12 and runs for four weeks. The big final collection day and the key event is on Friday, August 6. 

How Your Involvement in School Supply Jam Can Benefit Your Business  

School Supply Jam is an incredibly important initiative for the community. Students struggle if they don’t have the supplies they need to excel in school. The program aims to close some of these gaps and improve outcomes for those students. Meanwhile, your involvement can help with the outcome for your business.  

School Supply Jam sponsors receive an excellent sponsorship package that helps get their name out into the community, including: 

  • A live, on-air interview of a company representative 
  • Product placement within news content 
  • Naming rights to an integrated news feature 
  • A dedicated commercial spot schedule 
  • Digital activations on desktop and mobile 

What does that mean for your business? By participating in School Supply Jam, you will get several critical benefits for your business.  

1. Community members will connect you with School Supply Jam.

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 10.13.56 AMWhen you participate in cause marketing, especially a program near and dear to the community like School Supply Jam, the community will associate you with it—and that association, in turn, raises their opinion of your business. When you participate in a known cause, especially one that community members support, they will often link their opinion of that cause to their idea of your business. That connection will usually last long after the initial promotion is over, creating a positive association with your business that will help encourage consumers to choose you.

2. You can put a face on your business within the local community.

Now, more than ever, many consumers are looking for ways to support local businesses and business owners. By partnering with School Supply Jam, you call attention to your local business and your place in the community. With your sponsorship package, including the on-air interview, you can even show your face directly so interested customers will be able to develop a much deeper sense of connection to you.  

3. Partnering with School Supply Jam can help show what your business stands for.

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 10.13.38 AMThe things that matter to your business also matter to your community. Through your partnership with School Supply Jam, you can show it. Your values will shine through, and community members will appreciate your willingness to get involved and show how much you care about the community. Today, many consumers prefer to support businesses that also support and care about the things that are important to them. When you partner with School Supply Jam, you can show local consumers that what you care about is children within the community and ensuring they have the materials they need to improve educational outcomes. They'll demonstrate how much they appreciate your contributions by choosing your business. 

How You Can Get Involved with School Supply Jam 

Is School Supply Jam the right partnership for your business? If you're looking for an opportunity to get involved in the community by supporting a local cause near and dear to the hearts of community members, this could be a significant cause marketing opportunity for you. If you're ready to get involved, connect with Marketing Carolina to learn how to partner with us to advance your marketing efforts and get more involved in the local community. Already working in partnership with Marketing Carolinas? Get in touch with your media partner today to ask for more information about School Supply Jam and how it can fit into your marketing plan. Your media partner will help you take a look at School Supply Jam and other excellent cause marketing opportunities within your local community.    

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